Corruption and Crime In Malaysia (Q22)

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Format: Paperback
ISBN-13: 978-967-14085-1-3
Tarikh Terbit: Cetakan Pertama 2018
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The author is a criminologist, crime analyst, and former graft-buster who highlights the evils of graft and crime, how to detect, deter and measure it, and offers solutions to curb and prevent it. Various criminological theories are discussed as we get introduced to, in an easy to understand and unbiased manner, the real situation of corruption and crime in Malaysia.

Corruption and crime in Malaysia provides the glaring instances of corruption investigations and prosecutions amongst public servants and politicians involving famous cases such as 1MDB, SRC, FELDA scandals, Tabung Haji, Sabah Water scandal and the issues of money laundering, assets declaration, political donation, kleptocracy, polygraph testing and the general election.

This book provides insight into causes of crime, its criminals and victims such as delinquency, drug smuggling, addiction, human trafficking, terrorism and the various punishments for such crimes.

The apex of any fight against corruptions and crime has to do with ‘tone at the top’ and the political integrity amongst all political leaders and public servants. The need is for all high-level principles of integrity and transparency in governance. People see corruption and crime at the highest levels taking place without anyone being prosecuted whilst the whistle-blowers are in fact punished.

Indeed this book is most welcomed at this pivotal time of our rakyat of the gravity of where we are now but more importantly it also tells how we can find hope in making it right – it is not too late if we act now.



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