When I Was a Kid #5 (Q13)

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In a time of turmoil and tuberculosis, threatened by war, two very different lives are united by love.

This book explores the lives of Gor Ko (played by my dad) and Ah Pui (played by my mom) as they overcome great challenges and difficulties to finally come together to form the greatest underrated comic book artist ever (me), just so I can tell their stories.


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"Ini kali Boey menemuduga ayah dan ibunya tentang zaman kanak-kanak mereka. Banyak kenangan menarik yang dikongsikan. Imbauan memori lama..." -Pak Badrul

"Packed of stories compared to the previous 4 books. I think it's the best among the 5." -Donald Stephen

"This has got to be the best book from Boey. It takes you down some interesting memory lanes; filled with real life events from both Boey’s parents when they were kids that were endearing and adorable. Upon reading this from cover to cover, I couldn’t help but to feel proud of how ‘When I Was Kid’ series has grown. This piece is a gem, truly." -Phazleeanna